Assessment Treatment

Assessment and treatment of injuries and conditions: Straight Back Physiotherapy delivers expert and professional systems of examination, treatment and education for the following conditions and pathologies: LBP and sciatica, Neck pain and headaches, Shoulder conditions, Sporting injuries including shoulders, hips/pelvis, knees and ankles, Postural deconditioning, Spinal instability, Pregnancy disorders, Incontinence, Occupational injuries and conditions, Vehicle accident

Injury Prevention Programmes

Injury Prevention Programmes And if you are fortunate enough not to have pain, but are discerning enough to appreciate investment in health maintenance and prevention, then Straight Back Physiotherapy provides a range of systemised assessments and education packages to expose any potential problems, educate you about your strengths and weaknesses and educate you with relevant, prescriptive exercise and advice to help you help yourself.

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Postural balance and coordination is the key to unlocking the cause and solution to many musculoskeletal disorders, and postural assessment and rehabilitation is a core product of the Straight Back Physiotherapy philosophy. Diagnostic ultrasound is used extensively to investigate function of the deep, core stabilising muscles of the spine, and return them straight back to peak function.

Workcover Services

Straight Back Physiotherapists understand that the management of the injured worker is not always the same as a privately funded patient.

Therapeutic Exercise

This refers to exercise programmes that are specifically designed to correct a pathological state where there may be pain, posture disturbance, misalignment, inflexibility, joint stiffness, excessive weight, weakness post-surgery etc. It also refers to exercise programmes designed specifically to prevent the development of these problems.

Aesthetic Exercise

Use diagnostic ultrasound to retrain the deep abdominal corset muscle of your trunk to tone and trim your belly contour and improve your postural appearance.