About Straight Back Physiotherapists

What makes Straight Back Physiotherapists Unique

What if my doctor says that the cause of my pain is arthritis and there’s nothing that can be done about it?


Why do people experience LBP?

What is the source of LBP?

How do we diagnose LBP?

Do x-ray, CT scan and MRI help diagnose the LBP problem?

How do we manage LBP?

Diagnostic Ultrasound:

What is diagnostic ultrasound?

Why do physiotherapists use diagnostic ultrasound?

What is the rationale behind use of diagnostic ultrasound to treat the core stabilising muscles?

What happens if my physiotherapist doesn’t use diagnostic ultrasound to image my deep stabilising muscles?


Why bother attempting to correct posture?

Will my kid’s appreciate advice about posture correction?

What is the Straight Back Physiotherapy approach to correcting childhood posture?

What will the physiotherapist actually do in the posture sessions?

But what if my child has an attitude and makes posture correction difficult?

But what if my child lacks confidence with their body?

How realistic is it to expect posture to change?

How long does it take to “fix” posture?

What is the best age to correct posture? When is it too late?


Why is the shoulder so prone to problems?

How is the shoulder injured in sport?

What non-traumatic conditions affect the shoulder?

What shoulder conditions affect the non-sporting shoulder?

What non-traumatic conditions affect the aged shoulder?

How do we examine the shoulder?

How do we treat the shoulder?


What is sciatica?

What causes sciatica?

How do we examine sciatica?

How do we treat sciatica?

Knee Problems:

How are knees injured in sport?

What knee conditions result from mal-alignment?

What knee conditions result from degeneration?

How do we examine knee joints?

How do we treat knee joints?

Neck Pain:

Why do people experience neck pain?

What is the source of neck pain?

How do we diagnose neck pain?

Do x-ray, CT scan and MRI help diagnose the neck problem?

How do we manage neck pain?

Do you manipulate necks?

Therapeutic Exercise:

What is therapeutic exercise?

Can all physiotherapists prescribe exercises?

Can’t I just go to the gym and use the weights to strengthen my muscles?

Does therapeutic exercise need to be supervised and monitored?

What is the best form of exercise to perform therapeutic exercise?

Does Pilates work?

Can you give me an example of how you’d construct a therapeutic exercise programme?

Ankle Problems:

How are ankles injured?

How are ligament tears graded?

How are ligament tears treated in the early stages?

How are injured ankles rehabilitated?

What non-traumatic ankle conditions affect the ankle?

Tennis Elbow:

What is tennis elbow?

What causes tennis elbow?

How do you treat tennis elbow?

What is the role of eccentric exercise in treatment of tendinopathy?


What happens to the body in pregnancy and motherhood?

What physiotherapy is needed pre-pregnancy?

What physiotherapy is needed during pregnancy?

What physiotherapy is needed after pregnancy?


Why do people experience headaches?

What causes headaches?

How does Straight Back Physiotherapy examine for headaches?

How does a Straight Back Physiotherapist treat headaches?

Aesthetic Exercise:

What’s the connection between diagnostic ultrasound, abdominal muscles and aesthetics?

What determines a person’s postural form and aesthetic presentation?

What is the impact of exercise on abdominal muscle tone, posture and aesthetics?

What do I expect from the ultrasound session?

What should I not expect from the ultrasound session?

Will I have exercises to perform?